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Helping all U.S. Veterans retiring in Costa Rica

Veterans Healthcare FAQ Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica

Veterans health care F.A.Q.

All the answers in one place, and an invitation to retire in Costa Rica.

Scott a proud costumer of Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica, testimonie

Scott Slayton’s testimony

Lia and Aida both have extensive, specific experience with being excellent medical service providers. I conveniently receive my medicines by bus in my town on a monthly basis …


Retire in Costa Rica as a US Veteran with the help of Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica

Retire in Costa Rica as a U.S. Veteran

There is a growing community of U.S. Veterans and Expats in Costa Rica, who have chosen a more relaxed way of living in a cheaper country

Clifford Beverlyn testimonie Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica

Clifford Beverlin’s testimony

You have given my husband quality of life. You have always been there when we needed you the most for many years

Achive financial freedom as a veteran and retire abroad in Costa Rica

How can a U.S. Veteran achieve financial freedom and retire abroad?

Taking advantage of the retirement money and the health insurance could keep you free of debts for your entire life.

Ileana M. Guerra's testimonie with Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica

Ileana M. Guerra’s testimony

As a Veteran, I want to call the attention of other members about the services that Aida Granados and Lia offer to all of us.

Get Rx medication for veterans in Costa Rica

How do I get my Rx medication in Costa Rica with my FMP coverage?

There is a convenient way to get your Rx medication for free and have it delivered to you. Learn how in this blog.

Pedro Diaz’s testimony

This is a great team, they understand and they will move mountains for you. Aida & Lia have been a blessing in my life! Thank You!

Free RX medication to any us veteran living or visiting Costa Rica