Pedro Diaz’s testimonie

Pedro Diaz is a proud cotumer of Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Mrs. Aida Granados and Dr. Lia Hochgelernter.

I have been using their services since 2007. I have various service related disabilities and Mrs. Aida has helped not only with the billing, but to locate networks of doctors that deal with Veterans and understand our unique situations.

In eleven years I have not had the pleasure to meet Aida in person, but I consider her like a real true friend that cares. She is always there to answer my questions. She is a very valuable asset to the veteran community in Costa Rica, She is well respected among doctors and veterans like myself for her professionalism and fast service.

She also works together with Dr, Lia Hochgelernter (Pharmacist) to meet all your (Rx) prescriptions needs. Many times they delivered my prescriptions right to my doorstep. Great service!

This is a great team, they understand and they will move mountains for you. Aida & Lia have been a blessing in my life! Thank You!

Pedro Diaz

Free RX medication to any us veteran living or visiting Costa Rica