Scott Slayton’s testimony

Scott a proud costumer of Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica, testimonie

I believe these two people, Lia and Aida, are angels on earth.

Hi. My name is Scott Slayton. I am a disabled veteran from the US Army and US Navy on the Foreign Medical Program (FMP).

Veterans Pharmacy helped me with great professionalism and knowledge when nobody else in Costa Rica wanted to or had the ability to help me properly. Lia and Aida both have extensive, specific experience with being excellent medical service providers by working directly with my FMP doctors to fill prescriptions, on time, every time, and in the proper dosages, for veterans.

I conveniently receive my medicines by bus in my town on a monthly basis which makes it unnecessary for me to travel to pick up medications. If you are a disabled veteran and receive the Foreign Medical Program insurance from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, you must choose the services of Lia and Aida at Farmacia Real Cariari. Thank you, Lia and Aida, for everything you have done, in conjunction with my doctors, to help improve my health and quality of life.

Sincerely, Scott Slayton.

Free RX medication to any us veteran living or visiting Costa Rica