Retire in Costa Rica as a U.S. Veteran

Retire in Costa Rica as a US Veteran with the help of Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica

There is a growing community of U.S. Veterans and Expats in Costa Rica, who have chosen a more relaxed way of living in a cheaper country. There are several advantages of moving to Costa Rica to retire and here we are going to share with you the top three.

The Pura Vida lifestyle

There is something about the exuberant nature surrounding any Costa Rican city and the many birds singing in the morning that just makes you want to have a calm and relaxed day. It’s a way of living and it’s called “pura vida”.

In Costa Rica we use “pura vida” to describe the easygoing and happy mood we all want to be in and we have created a culture around it. That’s why everyone here is always friendly and mostly happy. We also don’t have an army and have managed a very peaceful life here in paradise.

You too can learn the pura vida lifestyle, relax and meet new people by moving to Costa Rica.

The cost of living in Costa Rica is lower than in the U.S.

It’s not very cheap, but you can afford a better living at a lower price in Costa Rica, compared to the U.S. There is a lot of people doing it, selling their properties in the U.S. added to the retirement money for Veterans gives them enough to find a nice place here and have a good life with financial freedom.

As long as you don’t spend too much shopping or on fancy restaurants, you can live off $1500 a month or $2500 for couples, including rent, food, and entertainment. The best thing to do before moving to Costa Rica is to contact someone who lives here and can explain more about the expenses. We can help out, send us a message.

Fine medical service

Medical services are a priority for people seeking to retire, also for disabled Veterans in need of specific medication, psychological treatment, or any medical emergency. It’s good news that Costa Rica has one of the finest medical services on the planet, with high-quality professional doctors and full access to any medication, that got you covered for any medical need you have.

The cost of medical treatment is much lower than in the U.S. For some treatments, it’s cheaper to fly to Costa Rica, book a hotel, get the procedure done and go back than just paying for it in the U.S.

If you are a Veteran of the U.S. you don’t even have to worry about the price, because your FMP insurance has worldwide coverage and you can get the specific medication for your disability here for free.

If you have any questions about retiring in Costa Rica as a U.S. Veteran or getting medical services here, you can send us a message. We are glad to help you achieve your dream and retire to paradise.

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