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Veterans of the United States have come to Costa Rica looking for a peaceful retreat for decades, finding here a paradise of nature and friendship. One of those friends is Lia, an experienced pharmacist who has helped countless in the Veteran Comunity in Costa Rica.

Around 2015, when the U.S.A. launched the insurance for all veterans, Lia saw an opportunity to improve even more the quality of life of all her veteran friends living in Costa Rica.

Lia teamed up with Aida and funded Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica, a pharmacy willing to deliver personalized service and free medication to the front of the door of any veteran who lives in Costa Rica.

The Team


Pharmacist, 30 years of experience.

Lia Veterans  Pharmacy Costa Rica

Good traits: Cares for the integral health of the patients, she is comprehensive, patient, and thoughtful.
She has connections with the best doctors in the country. Fluent in English


Certified Medical Biller Specialist

Aída - Certified Medical Biller Specialist

Good traits: Extensive knowledge of the market of health insurance for veterans. She can solve any issue with the insurance company and explain the best options for your specific needs. Fluent in English

Lía and Aída - Vets Pharmacy CR