How do I get my Rx medication in Costa Rica with my FMP coverage?

get your Rx medication for veterans in Costa Rica

For the many U.S. Veterans living or retiring in Costa Rica, there is a convenient way to get their RX medication, fully covered by FMP (Foreign Medical Program) or other insurance companies for Veterans.

You can get your free-of-charge RX medication in Costa Rica and have it delivered to your home or at a convenient location.

What you need is a pharmacy in Costa Rica with a Certified Medical Biller who can set up the payment for you. Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica has an experienced Certified Biller, so we can give you the free medication and have it delivered to the nearest location possible in all of Costa Rica.

Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica is certified with FMP

Give us a call if you need Rx medication in Costa Rica, there are already a lot of U.S. Veterans trusting us and taking advantage of our convenient service.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who have great relationships with the Veterans community in Costa Rica and are glad to help with any questions you may have. Veterans Pharmacy Costa Rica is thankful for the service you have given to the United States and is happy to help you live a healthier life in paradise.

Free RX medication to any us veteran living or visiting Costa Rica