How can a U.S. Veteran achieve financial freedom and retire abroad?

Achive financial freedom as a veteran and retire abroad in Costa Rica

Veterans of the United States have increased opportunities to achieve financial freedom, taking advantage of the retirement money and the health insurance could keep you free of debts for your entire life. Still, it’s no easy task, because the cost of living can get very high in the United States or in any big city around the globe.

There is a convenient way to achieve financial freedom and it’s by retiring abroad in a country with a lower cost of living. You, as a U.S. Veteran, could live for about $1500 in a tropical country with all the commodities you need, better weather, and more relaxed culture.


You don’t even have to worry about your health insurance because your Foreign Medical Program has worldwide coverage. This is especially beneficial for any disabled Veteran.

3 key pieces of advice for any U.S. Veteran retiring abroad for financial freedom

Find a country with a cheaper cost of living.

That’s the key to making your buck worthwhile, the cheaper the country, the better you can live in it. It’s important to compare the rent price of a specific city and use this as a benchmark of how much would you need. Also, if you sell any property you have in the U.S. you can use that money to buy a better one abroad.

Choose the lifestyle you want to live.

Life in the U.S. can get hectic and competitive, retiring elsewhere opens the door to many other ways of living that are much more easygoing and relaxing. Take Costa Rica for example, a country without an army, free education, and free health care, where you can retire in a small town, in front of a paradisiac surf spot for less than $1500.

Get in touch with the expat’s community in the country

There are U.S Expats communities all around the globe, especially in convenient cities that combine high standards of living for a cheaper cost. Be sure to search these communities on the web and on social networks, a 1 on 1 call with someone who has done it is the best way to learn the basic and important stuff about where you are heading.

We would love to help you get in touch with the U.S Veteran Community living in Costa Rica and make your retirement as safe as possible. Contact us with any questions about Costa Rica or Veterans Health Insurance.

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